Popdarts Board Edition Official Rules

• Start the game with 2 teams. Singles (1 per team) or Doubles (2 per team).

• Opposing teams have 3 Popdarts each and alternate throwing from the same side.

• When all 6 Popdarts have been thrown, count up the points using cancellation scoring.

• The team that is awarded points starts the next round.

• Target Marker piece not required.

• Each Popdart completely inside the white PD circle = 6 points.

• Each Popdart completely inside the grey circle = 3 points. It can be touching the white inner circle.

• Every other Popdart that sticks on the board = 1 point.

• Use "Cancellation Scoring". The points of one team cancel out the other. E.g. 5 blue - 2 green = 3 blue.

• *UPDATE* Each player gets ONE "Instant Win" attempt per game. The attempt must be called prior to throwing. If it does not land completely inside the team's "Instant Win" circle, then the Popdart is removed from the board and normal play continues.

• Play multiple rounds. The first team to reach 21 or more points WINS!

• Inside/outside with our 100% all-weather Aluminum boards, stainless steel hardware, and powder-coated steel frame.

• Popdarts is perfect for the backyard, parks, tailgating, gymnasium, and especially your living room. We stand behind our products and make sure they are built to last!

• The rules are printed on the back of each board showing a detailed picture with rules and scoring instructions. 

Terms and Definitions

• Wigglenobber™: The action of one Popdart sticking to another Popdarts' opposing suction cup. Point Value: Double the points of the Popdarts it lands on whether on your own or the opposing team.

• Target Marker Wigglenober (T-nob): When a Popdart lands on top of the Wigglenobber Target Marker which is the double sided target marker. Point Value: 10 points.

• Kiss (aka Lippy): When an upright Popdart is also touching the Target Marker. Point Value: 1 additional point.

• T-bone: When a Popdart bounces off the playing surface and the center of the Popdart rests on top of a live dart. Point Value: 0 points.

• Dogbone (aka Dead dart): A Popdart that is not standing upright. All dead darts must remain in play until the end of the round.

• Live Dart: A Popdart that is in play sucked to the surface and/or standing upright. Only live darts are awarded points.

• Possession: The team in control of choosing the Target Marker location.

• Captain: The person on a team designated to coach and make all team decisions during a game.

• Shot Clock: The allotted time given for a team member to throw their Popdart. Once the opposing team's Popdart hits a surface and comes to a complete stop, the shot clock begins. The shot clock time allowed is 30 seconds.

• Popdart®: Double sided suction cup dart

• Target Marker: Smaller orange piece that you are trying to get closest to

• Wigglenobber Target Marker: Double sided target marker that you can land on top of