World Record Leaderboard

Official Rules: Popdart must stick within 1 ft of Target Marker. Full YouTube Video Submission with Measurement emailed to

World Record Name World Record Holder
Longest Throw (Horizontal Surface) Shane Lamie | 80 FT
Longest Throw (Vertical Surface) Bryant Lamie | 65 FT
Highest Throw Josh Carman | 100 FT
Highest Thrown Wigglenobber Collin Gibb | 30 FT
Most Consecutive Sticks from 15 FT + Jason Carman | 226
Most Consecutive Sticks from 15 FT+ with Partner Shaun & Shane Lamie AKA "Twinkies" | 75
Longest Thrown Wigglenobber Mike Joyce | 15 FT

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